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Barrington Youth & Family Services (BYFS) is a community-based, nonprofit social service agency. Our goal is to build healthier families by providing counseling and preventative programming to children, teens, couples and families. Our approach focuses on supporting the social, psychological, and emotional well being of all we serve.

Barrington Youth & Family Services offers a variety of Latino services that are led by our Spanish-speaking staff. We offer programming that is specifically designed for the Latino community and is available to all families.

BYFS was originally created in 1972 as Barrington Youth Services to fulfill a need identified by community leaders. Over the years, our programs and services have evolved as our community has developed and the world around us has presented new challenges. We changed our name to Barrington Youth and Family Services in 2005 to reflect our growth and emphasis on building healthier families. Today, as BYFS, we continue to meet the needs of the Barrington area residents.



Barrington Youth and Family Services is fully committed to providing services that affirm the dignity and value of all individuals. We believe in creating an environment of openness, trust, respect, and safety where diverse attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be explored and discussed. We seek to understand and honor individual differences, including but not limited to experiences related to: race, ethnicity, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender, sexuality, physical and mental abilities, and socio-economic status.

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